How coronavirus is disrupting public transit

We’re all feeling the seismic force of the pandemic. Public transit is experiencing drops in demand across the board — while continuing to be a lifeline for those who must travel.

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XX%current demand compared to normal
XX%difference from yesterday

COVID-19 resources for transit agencies

How is your agency responding to coronavirus? Compare notes with other transit agencies using our public COVID-19 database and communicate changes to riders with these tools.

How riders can help

People are staying home to limit the spread of the virus. That’s great! But it means agencies are experiencing steep declines in farebox revenue. Which is why they’re requesting emergency relief funding. If you live in the US, now’s a good time to contact your member of Congress. We all need public transit. And public transit needs our help.

Monitor transit demand in real-time

You can also check real-time demand for public transit in cities across the globe. This data is updated regularly throughout the day. We’ll be adding more agencies and fine-tuning over the next few days.

About the data

These aren’t ridership figures — only transit agencies themselves can give official ridership tallies. But we can use the frequency of Transit app opens as a rough proxy for demand. We compare actual usage of the app, to projected use of the app based on last year’s numbers (adjusted for annual growth) to measure how far we are from “normal.”

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